Our Why

  • We believe that business is the hub of the community
  • We believe better business flows into healthier, happier families and better communities
  • We believe that knowing your team is your greatest asset is irrelevant if you don’t know how to leverage it
  • Why we do what we do is because it transforms businesses and it transforms lives 
People with Direction

Our Vision

Creating a revolution in the workplace through trust-based culture – for better business, better communities and happier families for children to grow up in.

Our Mission

Working alongside inspirational and aspirational business leaders who are changing the world for good.

Our Values

TRUST – having certainty that a person, thing or action has complete integrity, strength, reliability, surety. Full trust; belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.

CONNECTION – we know why we are here. We have a sense of belonging, a feeling of completeness, and connectedness through authentic relationships.   

FREEDOM – having the ability and opportunity to do what we want, when we want with whom we want

Our Story

Team Fusion was started with the simple belief that the best businesses are built on trust, and the ambition to create a revolution in the workplace through Trust-Based culture. Everyone deserves to work in a trust-based culture and this has a positive impact on businesses as well as families and the communities they live in.

Early in her career Managing Director, Gaelene Adams Wood worked for a highly respected international humanitarian organisation where her team of thousands of volunteers and employees was the first in NZ to break through the $1m threshold for a national annual fundraiser.

Experiencing this team culture set Gaelene on a career quest to understand the magic that happens within high performing teams – a journey that has made full use of her skills, knowledge and experience as a High Performance Team Renovator, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author, and Facilitator.

Since then, she’s been growing a team of business coaches, recruiters, organisational psychologists, and healers who, together, help leaders like you inspire, empower, and engage your people. They’ll help you create a better strategy, grow yourself as a leader, and learn to leverage your current success through people, systems, technology and money.


Like what you see?

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