Our Why

  • We believe that business is the hub of the community
  • We believe better business flows into better communities and happier families for children to grow up in
  • We believe that knowing your team is your greatest asset is irrelevant if you don’t know how to leverage it
  • Why we do what we do is because it transforms businesses and it transforms lives 
People with Direction

Our Purpose

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo.

We believe in thinking differently.

The way that we do this is by creating INSPIRING, EMPOWERING and ENGAGING High Performing Team Culture, which results in more Time, more Money and more Freedom.

We deliver this by using our expertise in team dynamics to help you create Inspiring Business Strategy, Empowering Accountability Infrastructure, Engaging Team Culture and Smart Recruitment choices, so that you can attract the right people who believe in your purpose, and together, make magic happen.

Our Goal

We work alongside inspirational and aspirational business leaders who are changing the world for good.

We are a B1G1 Business for Good, and in the words of the B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dunn “Every time you do business with us, something great happens.”

Our is to impact the lives of 1 million people in need just by doing what we do every day.

We’re delighted at the prospect of working with you, and we’re especially pleased that we can do something great, when we do business together. Our simple goal is to keep on making great things happen in our world…together via B1G1.com

Our Values – Who we are as people and How we behave in our company

Every interaction INSPIRES, EMPOWERS and ENGAGES

ONE TEAM – We have a sense of BELONGING 


Live from a place of TRUST, FAITH and GRATITUDE

THINK DIFFERENTLY – figure it out, get it done

Our Story

Team Fusion was started with the simple belief that the best businesses are built on trust. Everyone deserves to work in a trust-based culture and this has a positive impact on businesses as well as families and the communities they live in.

Early in her career Managing Director, Gaelene Adams Wood worked for a highly respected international humanitarian organisation where her team of thousands of volunteers and employees was the first in NZ to break through the $1m threshold for a national annual fundraising event.

Experiencing this team culture set Gaelene on a career quest to understand the magic that happens within high performing teams – a journey that has made full use of her skills, knowledge and experience as a High Performance Team Specialist, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author, and Facilitator.

Since then, she’s been growing a team of people people who, together, help leaders like you inspire, empower, and engage your team. They’ll help you create a better strategy, grow yourself as a leader, and learn to leverage your current success through people, systems, technology and money.


Like what you see?

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