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While we’re known for our High Performing Team programmes, we’ll also help you get the right talent on board to hit the ground running!

What makes Team Fusion’s Smart Recruitment processes unique is that we take the time to fully understand the needs of the business, analyse the role, document the position requirements before going to the market and then specifically target our marketing to the exact person we are looking for who will excel in the role.

In order to know what the right fit is, we work with you to understand your business and to identify the key attributes required, which become our hiring guidelines.

During the Recruitment stage, we use Wealth Dynamics and/or Talent Dynamics Profiling to guide you to hire the right person who will be in Flow in the role

We have a 3 stage Smart Recruitment Process: ​



Ensuring everything is set up properly from the start.
For example

  • Position Description
  • Identify ideal candidate for the role
  • Scoping the role from a Profiling perspective
  • Setting the Selection Criterion
  • Writing and Placing the Ad/s, and if required
  • Reviewing your Employment Agreement
  • Letter of Offer


Making the recruitment process seamless for you.
For example

  • Handling Applications
  • Communicating with Applicants
  • Long Listing
  • Short Listing
  • Interviewing
  • Deselecting
  • Profiling
  • Negotiating
  • Offering the role


Full support during the 90 Day Trial Period to ensure that the usual concerns are addressed.
For example

  • Misunderstandings
  • Mismatch of promises are addressed and resolved
  • Expected performance levels are met in the first 3 months to maximise a successful placement
  • Both Company and Team member are satisfied that the correct decision was made

Team Fusion’s Pre-Recruitment, Recruitment and Post-Recruitment processes are designed to set you and your new team member up for a Trust-Based, High Performing Team culture. With all our Smart Recruitment Services, we work with you, your newest team member and your existing team to address any issues that may arise in their first 90 days.  

We use a powerful profiling tool during the Recruitment stage to guide you to hire the right person who will be in Flow in the role and will hit the ground running. ​

Our 4 Levels of Smart Recruitment Services ensure we will have an option for you

Done FOR you recruitment

Done FOR you recruitment

End to end recruitment

Our service is for you if you’re happy to hand over all the heavy lifting, saving you time and energy to focus on your core business. Fixed pricing based on the type of role and the difficulty to place. Discussed at initial meeting.

DIY supported recruitment

DIY supported recruitment

You need SUPPORT to do your own recruitment

Our service is for you if you still want to be in charge of the recruitment process but want professional Recruitment
support. We give you guidance on Pre-Recruitment setup, advice during the time-consuming process of recruiting, and the same support during the 90 Day Trial Period as all our other Smart Recruitment Service packages.

Done WITH you recruitment

Done WITH you recruitment

You’ve started the process but now you need some help to COMPLETE your own recruitment

Our service is for you if you are part way through the Recruitment process and want professional Recruitment assistance to complete what you’ve started. We can come in at any stage, review what you’ve done so far, fill in the gaps where needed and handle the interviewing with you, if required and help you make the hiring decision. We can manage the candidates, as well as keep them updated on progress and communicate the “No’s”. We also provide the 90 Day Trial Period Post-Recruitment Support.

New member alignment

New member alignment

You have done your own Recruitment and it’s not working out as you expected
Performance issues are starting to show. You need help to get your new team member aligned, on track and up and running with the rest of your team.

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Happy client's

  • 2016 Mortgage Broker of the Year

    Team Fusion screened and matched candidates to roles and profiled to ensure a natural fit with the role and the overall team.They put forward the finalists who were people I would not likely have hired on my judgment on the basis of a standard hiring process. However, with Team Fusion’s expertise, my team came together perfectly. Each of them are doing amazingly well as individuals in their new roles, and as a team.”

    Shane Mishra
    Client Services Team Leader