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Contribution Compass Profile and Personalised Review Session

What is a Contribution Compass Profile and Personalised Review Session?

Team Fusion, partnering with Contribution Compass is leading in the profiling system for the service-based businesses to build trust and accelerate flow within teams.  Taking your profile is the first step to gaining a far deeper understanding of your own talents and how to be “In Flow” more often so that you can achieve far greater results without the need to work harder.

It will also help you to understand Who you need around you to build a High Performing Team that Trust you and each other, as well as helping you to recognise the areas you’ll find the most challenging so you can get the right support to grow.

A debrief session lasts 50 minutes and is conducted over Zoom.   All you need to have to hand is a copy of the Contribution Compass Profile report you will be sent when you take your test.

Why do the Contribution Compass Questionnaire?

Your personalised report will give you a clear direction on what leadership approach works for you, who you need around you and where you may need to recruit different profiles to balance your team.  Why focus on trying to push team members to get results when you can help them get into flow and see your company grow.

  • Get clarity on where you add the most value to your team as a Leader

  • Follow the right Leadership role models for you. Oprah created a very different team with different talents to Warren Buffett’s investing team

  • Learn about your primary and secondary profiles and how to tap into them to boost your productivity, your team’s performance and your businesses profits

  • Join over Business Leaders and Managers and their teams who are harnessing their talents to build industry-leading high performing teams.

What do you get when you complete the questionnaire?

  • Get Your Own Personalised 20-Page Report
  • Learn which Contribution Compass Profile You Are
  • Includes a 50-Minute Debrief with Gaelene on Zoom (and recorded)
  • Finally, Tap into Your Talents and Find Your Flow

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Meet the Eight Contribution Compass Profiles

See How Each Profile Contributes Different Value To Maximise A Teams Performance and Profits.

Catalyst icon

Accelerating Change

A Catalyst is a person who ACCELERATES change. They excel at getting something going with energy. They bring new ideas and creative approaches into any team. Catalysts are often found in product or service development, where they bring new ideas to life and explore innovative concepts (often at a very fast pace!).

Champion icon

Blazing a Trail

Champions are great at BLAZING a trail. They are vibrant and exciting, and excel at taking a proven idea and broadcasting it to a wide audience, garnering support and enthusiasm. Champions are often found in sales and marketing roles, where they naturally sell a product, concept or brand through inner conviction of the value.

Coach icon

Igniting Greatness

A Coach is a person who ignites the fire and passion of others to work together as a team focused on bringing a central idea to life. Coaches bring warmth, energy and inspiration, which lights up the path for others so that they may strive for personal excellence and team success. They excel at understanding people deeply and being tuned to their emotions and what their team really need in order to overcome challenges. Coaches are often found rallying teams and developing talent, and are often involved in roles focused on leadership, networking, customer acquisition or recruitment.

Connector icon

Building Bridges

A Connector is a person who brings people, ideas and resources together, and like a lake into which all rivers flow, they have a special gift that can unite the right people at the right time and place. This ability to connect is driven from a combined understanding of what people really need and the resources and opportunities available that may best serve those needs. They excel in communication and being able to talk through ideas, challenges and solutions to create a collective way forward. Connectors are the quintessential diplomats and can often be found at the negotiating table or at networking events, where their extensive networking relationships support building bridges between people and resources.

Custodian icon

Honouring the Promise

A Custodian is a person who has the ability to nurture and support the ideas of others and bring them to life, while guarding and protecting the assets and resources under their care. Their gentle and supportive energy is grounded in their understanding of reality, resources, timing and practical considerations. They excel in their ability to get tasks done, maintain routines and honour commitments and deadlines, while ensuring that the right activity delivers tangible results. Custodians are often found in operational and customer service environments where timing, a sense of urgency, routine activity and a service ethic are paramount.

Cultivator icon

Nurturing Growth

A Cultivator is a person who guides and shapes the growth of a team, project or enterprise through a subtle influence that seeks to adjust, refine and develop. Just as a plant grows and strengthens through a flexible response to its environment, so too does a Cultivator make incremental adjustments in their environment to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. They excel in their ability to manage complex projects and deliverables, while making sure that resources are carefully managed and risk is mitigated in a timely manner. Cultivators are often found in project management environments where the careful balance of people, time and money is a critical skill.

Conductor icon

Optimising the Performance

A Conductor is a person who, just like the conductor of an orchestra, uses their focused and efficient energy to direct the singular instruments of the orchestra into a unified and optimised collective. With the wave of a baton, the conductor keeps the whole orchestra in rhythm and in tune. So too does a Conductor excel at making sure a process or function runs optimally and efficiently. With a natural affinity for analysis and data, a Conductor is able to find meaningful insights through information and the analysis thereof. Indeed, they revel in solving problems through logic and fact. Conductors are often found in research, quality management, production and accounting fields, where the numbers, graphs and data feed tell a story of their own.

Calibrator icon

Fine-tuning the Instruments

A Calibrator is a person who ensures that the instruments used to create value are continuously refined and adjusted where necessary. These instruments could include the business model, the systems or technologies, the methodologies utilised or any kind of tool required or applied in the delivery of the promise. This kind of energy is relentless in its pursuit of continuous improvement and incremental refinement. Calibrators excel when they can tinker with how the system works and experiment with new approaches to old problems.

Why it will work for you

While there are some similar elements within Contribution Compass and other psychometric tests, (they all have a common modern origin in Carl Jung’s work on archetypes) Team Fusion is distinctly different in that we provide intuitive insights, simplified strategies and management processes that can be used each and every working day based on the information interpreted from your Contribution Compass profile.

For Business Leaders and Managers

Many people have had the experience of taking personality tests of one kind or another, which will provide some value, but the Team Fusion INSPIRE, EMPOWER and ENGAGE system, utilising Contribution Compass, offers additional benefits compared to these that stamps it as the market leader for helping build high performing teams in four distinct ways for Business Leaders and Managers:

  1. It’s designed specifically for Leaders to tap into their team talents
    We don’t put you in a box. Far from it, in fact, we highlight a formula and path specifically for each team member to add the most value to a team so that they can achieve great results with less effort.
  2. Synchronised to today’s fast-moving digital economy
    In fast-changing times, the Contribution Compass profiles map your team and show you, as a leader, how their strengths link to the cycle of time.
  3. A rapid way to build team trust and transparency
    While many personality tests are hard to explain and even harder to apply, Team Fusion utilises the eight Contribution Compass profiles to accelerate trust as people quickly understand how each profile links to the way individuals create value and leverage, which in turn creates an Inspired, Empowered and Engaged team.
  4. It enhances your recruitment and retention strategies
    People are the power behind all great success stories. You can use Team Fusion’s Contribution Compass profiles immediately to directly increase your team’s flow.  At Team Fusion, we show you how to apply it to your Recruitment System, your Accountability Infrastructure and your Team Culture system, which is why it is so much more than just a profile report.  It’s a full High Performing Team Infrastructure that starts with a profile.

For those in Administrative and Executive Support Roles

Administrators and Support team members are often the missing link within a team and are very much the hub of the business. By nature, their role requires them to be communicating with a variety of personality types and walking the tightrope of keeping everybody happy and content on a daily basis. When they understand the profile types of the team they know how to better communicate with them to greater effect, saving valuable time and money, and avoiding mistakes made through miscommunications.

For Property Managers

Property Managers are sometimes like referees.  They sit between Landlords and Tenants, mediating, negotiating and instructing to be able to work through the myriad of challenges that arise each and every day.  The role requires confidence in one’s self and knowing and understanding your profile type provides you with a framework to face and solve each issue with the minimum amount of fuss and angst.  Property Managers are now the largest and fastest-growing segment of Agent Dynamics Ecosystem for one simple reason, what we do, works.

As an Accredited profiling consultant with more than 15 years of experience, no one in New Zealand has more experience or knowledge on team performance profiling than Gaelene Adams Love from Team Fusion. Contribution Compass is a profoundly revolutionary profiling system for increasing trust and flow.

For Salespeople

Knowing your strengths and challenges is one of the key factors that can massively increase your levels of success and financial reward within the Real Estate Profession.  Smart sales teams and salespeople are now integrating Agent Dynamics Ecosystem into their training to give them the edge when presenting to vendors and when working with buyers.  When you understand how your profile can be used to tune in to your clients at a listing presentation you will have higher levels of client trust, more open and honest conversations and markedly increased success.  Profiling will also highlight your challenges, enabling you to more effectively manage yourself and will identify the areas to avoid when competing with other agents.  In short, understanding and leveraging your Contribution Compass Profile will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors in nearly all aspects of your business be it individual or corporate.

Happy Clients

  • “Knowing my profile has helped me see that I am in exactly the right role in my company.”

    Trinette Giborees-Smith
    Senior Registered Valuer