The good news is we can help you develop and build high performing teams that save you thousands using our Contribution Compass Ecosystem.

Team Fusion with Contribution Compass is a powerful Team Management and Recruitment Support System designed to help Business Leaders, Managers and their Teams tap into their Natural Energy to maximise their contribution and maximise the returns for their business.

Learn Why Your Team is Your BIGGEST Opportunity Now!

Leading The Way in Team Performance

The Team Fusion proven success system is designed to:

  • Increase profitability due to more efficient time management
  • Increase team retention through greater role satisfaction
  • Maximise team performance by having individual team members in their “flow”
  • Stop revolving door recruitment practices
  • Develop a high performance, trust based team culture

Welcome To Team Fusion

Team Fusion was born in 2013 when Gaelene Adams Wood identified a solution to the poor team performance epidemic within the small and medium sized businesses she was working with. She developed Team Fusion Accountability Infrastructure as part of a wider program designed to help Business Leaders and Managers to grow and manage their teams.

Common mistakes with culture starts with bringing the wrong people into a team and then living with that person, who sometimes doesn’t perform for years. For many, their recruitment processes are simply not providing the full picture when trying to identify their next team member.

A CV and interviews will only provide half of the story. You know they passed a course but you have no idea if they will follow through and be able to sustain the day to day requirements of the position.

The missing piece is the innate talent that people will bring to a role and ensuring that you are attracting people with those talents through your advertisement.

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Existing profiling tools will often only provide a pass or fail on whether to employ them or not, but there is a large chunk of the puzzle still missing.

The missing piece is the integration and management of the team member to enable them to flourish in a role and have no desire to leave and look elsewhere.

Team Fusion inspires, empowers and engages the team to not only work in their flow, but to have a new found understanding of what each and every one of their peers brings to the team.  It enables business leaders to better communicate, understand and leverage each individual to their strengths resulting in a more productive team, increased profit and lower rates of team turnover.

Our vision when we started this journey was help business owners to have more time, more money and more freedom by redefining meaning in business, relationships and life. We wanted to help everyone on a team to reconnect to what they love. That is now possible at new levels with the integration of Contribution Compass profiling system into the work we do with our clients in small and medium businesses, here in New Zealand, Australia and further afield overseas.

Introducing Contribution Compass

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A Proven Approach To Maximising Contribution and Returns

  • With team performance being our speciality, Gaelene has partnered with Contribution Compass, who are recognised as one of the world’s most progressive Psychometric Profiling Organisations. 

    Together, we utilise Profiling to not only identify a team member’s natural talent but also to assist with their task allocation and management resulting in more inspired, empowered and engaged team members, which increases productivity, and profitability as well as a sense of purpose and reduced team turnover. 


    Like us, Contribution Compass believes that people should do what they are naturally good at and what they love. One cannot be all things to all people – and this is especially important to consider when running a successful business team. When you take on multiple roles (that should ideally be taken on by the team) it is firstly, nearly impossible to be objective, and secondly does not result in business success.

    New businesses often start out with one person, the business owner. They have to wear multiple hats, from marketing to sales to delivery, as well as the very important functions of finance, administration and compliance.  The problem with this is that the business is then entirely reliant on the skill, ability and good health of the business owner.  When the business grows they often employ someone like themselves and no one ends up making use of their natural energy to its full potential.

    One of the underlying scopes that Contribution Compass takes into consideration is ‘natural energy’.  Natural energy is referred to as the way in which you naturally act and operate. It is most easily observed in critical moments when people respond in a particular way reflective of their underlying natural energy.  Usually, a critical or defining moment is a point in which a decision is made or action is taken that dramatically impacts positively or negatively.  It is by default that people respond from their natural energy as their instincts kick in during challenging or difficult moments.

    The concept ‘contribution’ comes into practice as it relates to the part played by a person or company in bringing about a result or helping something to move forward. The concept of natural energy acknowledges that different people will naturally be more effective at different aspects of a business’ activities. So, when there is a balance of natural energy around the table and when there is a defined methodology to leverage their respective contributions, there will be effective flow for all.

CC Final Compass image

For many, the thought of change is downright scary.  Introducing new frameworks and methodology within any business environment may be seen as changing already accepted ways. But it is important to remember that when there is balanced natural energy, the flow is a lot more effective and in turn delivers better results for both the business leaders, the team and the business as a whole.

On a personal level, increasing your understanding and application of natural energy is critical for your development as an individual. This maximises the opportunities available to you and enables you to support the growth of those around you, both personally and professionally.  This understanding therefore adds as much value to your family and home environment as it does to the team or business that you are part of.

To learn more about each profile click the “Profile and Debrief” button below.

The Four Natural Energies

Four Natural Energies image

For many, the thought of change is downright scary.  Introducing new frameworks and methodology within any business environment may be seen as changing already accepted ways. But it is important to remember that when there is balanced natural energy, the flow is a lot more effective and in turn delivers better results for both the business leaders, the team and the business as a whole.

On a personal level, increasing your understanding and application of natural energy is critical for your development as an individual. This maximises the opportunities available to you and enables you to support the growth of those around you, both personally and professionally.  This understanding therefore adds as much value to your family and home environment as it does to the team or business that you are part of.

To learn more about each profile click the “Profile and Debrief” button below.

Finally... A Cost-Effective Solution To Small and Medium Businesses Biggest Problem... Team Turnover!

  • The financial impact of team turnover can be devastating as we expend large amounts of hard-earned cash in the process of finding a replacement for exiting team members.  Recruitment chews up both time and money as we advertise, vet CV’s, interview and complete all the associated tasks in an effort to secure the most suitable candidate. Take a minute and reflect on how many employees you have lost over the past 12 months and give some thought as to how much losing them is costing you.

    To quantify the loss and put a number on it we drew upon the resources and expertise of the International HR Organisation Drake International.  Drake calculated the dollar cost of losing a Rental Property Manager on a wage of $60,000 per year to be $17,665.  This figure is alarming when we take into account that it does NOT include the fee required if you choose to use a recruitment agency to find a replacement for you. Typically, that would add an additional $10,000 -$12,000.  The breakdown is as follows:


These calculations also do not consider the collateral damage that can follow. We asked our clients about the flow-on effect and they advised us that if they lose an experienced Rental Property Manager, then they expect to lose around 3 managements that will follow them over the following months. The impact can be a combined hit of around $12,000 to the value of your rent roll.  Even further damage is caused if the exiting employee convinces or influences another Property Manager to leave with them, the loss doubles.

Getting the most suitable candidate for a specific role within a business is an essential first step in stemming the high team turnover and associated costs that plague service based businesses.  Team Fusion’s Recruitment Support System minimises your risk by assisting you to attract, assess and filter the most suitable candidate for any position in the most cost-efficient way available.

Our Services

Profile and Debrief


Profile and Debrief

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Team Sessions (Onsite or Online)

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Team Recruitment Solutions

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Main Benefits


When people understand each other’s talents, you see increased levels of trust, plus your team is more inspired, empowered and engaged. These are key building blocks of high performance.


For a company to achieve goals and targets everybody needs to be on the same page. Our Business Strategy, Leadership Coaching and Team Workshops accelerate this process, so you see rapid results in the days, weeks and months that follow.


When a group of people have an Accountability Infrastructure with a built in measurement system, it also builds a clarity and empowers the team.
One benefit of having your Leadership Team create its own measurement system is that managers who come from different functions can create specific, relevant areas to measure, and collectively they create a common language, which they need to work as an effective team.


Great teams support and energise each other. By knowing how to communicate with different profiles, relationships deepen, strong cultures are created and successful companies grow.

Team Workshops (Offsite or Online) Contribution Compass Team Workshop:

Team retention and high team turnover will have a huge impact on your business and are one of the major disruptors to any businesses overall profitability.  Recruiting and training are expensive, and the brand damage caused by individual team members can have a devastating effect.  In small and medium sized businesses, we are too quick to ‘repair by replacement’, rather than ‘understand and tune’ what we already have.

It doesn’t make sense to throw out what we have already invested, in both time and money, without looking for a cost-effective way to capitalise on that investment.

We can show you the pathway to identify and build upon the innate skills that your team already have but neither themselves nor you are probably aware of.

In a Team Session we work with you and your team to give you a clear understanding of every team members innate talent and how they can best leverage that talent to be more productive, happier and increase success rates.

So how does it work?

Prior to the Contribution Compass Team Workshop each team member will complete a Contribution Compass Profile. The Profile Assessment is conducted online, and they will answer a series of questions about themselves. We will then produce their Contribution Compass Report which is then sent to the individual team members and the business leader prior to our visit.

The Contribution Compass Team Workshop comprises a morning session involving the entire team and an afternoon session with the Business Owner and Leadership Team.

In the morning session, we debrief the team and look individually at each team member’s profile type and their strengths and challenges.  It is important that if there are two or three of the team who are the same profile type that we explain what makes each one different in their own individual way.  

We do this by comparing each individual’s graph and data and detailing the reasons why they are different. When the team first read their Profile Reports their first reaction is often to ‘self-diagnose’ from the contents and start jumping to conclusions. The group debrief enables them the time to have their profile explained to them in detail with some very important distinctions discussed, enabling both themselves and their peers to have a clear understanding on what they bring to the team.

We work through each of the team’s profiles including the Business Owner and Leadership Team with the end result being:

  • A clear understanding of their profile and the value and natural skill set that they bring to the team
  • An appreciation of the elements that other team members and management also bring to the team
  • An understanding of why they love to do some tasks but resist others and how to best manage themselves to get tasks completed
  • How to best work in ‘flow’ to be happier, more productive and ultimately more successful in their role

In the final part of the morning session, we teach the team how to recognise the energy type of their prospective clients and customers.  This empowers the sales and customer service/delivery teams to increase their success rates as well as enabling better communication and information flow.

In the afternoon session, we work with the team to provide a clear pathway on how to best communicate with and leverage the innate talent that each team member brings to the business.

We advise on how to deal with and solve any blockages to progress that the Leadership Team may be experiencing with individuals or the team as a whole.  We also teach how to best communicate with each team member and identify the areas and tasks where you will encounter the most resistance as well as advising on how to conduct one-on-one team interviews.

The resultant outcome of the Team Workshop is:

  • A quantum improvement in the respect and value that each of the team have for each other
  • An increase in dollar productive time as the team now understand their strengths and how to leverage them
  • Improved cohesion between the Business Owner, Leadership Team and wider team via better communication and individual team member management
  • Higher levels of success in sales and across the whole business as the team are more confident and working in their flow
  • Some re-allocation of tasks to get the most out of each of the team’s innate talent

Program Outline

Contribution Compass Team Workshop Program

8:00am – 9:00am – Meet with the Business Owner and/or Leadership Team. Overview of the day and establish expectations and outcomes.

9:00am – 12:00pm – Team Debrief Session

The debrief will provide the team with an overview of how “profiling” works and the eight different profile types as well as sets the expectations about what high performance teams look like. Each team member will have completed their profile and will bring it to the session. We will provide an overview of each individual’s results and show them how they can best leverage their profiles.

This is a great team building exercise and participants often have a new-found respect for each other (and the Leadership Team) as well as a clearer understanding of why they “do what they do”.  Please see below the breakdown of this session.

9:00am – 9:30am – Overview of Contribution Compass Profiling

8:30am – 10:00am – Set the expectation and rules of the game for the day. Look at high performance and do a spot the difference between their team and high performing teams. We test their understanding by playing a game to embed the learning.

10:00am – 10:15am – Break

10:15am – 12:00pm – Explanation of the four frequencies and the eight different Profile types

Debrief on the four energies, review of your profiles, highlight the strengths and challenges of the profile types and how to best leverage them and effects on the team. We cover how we learn best. We look at managing working ‘in and out of flow’. Discuss how to better connect with different client types using your profile. 


12:30pm – 1:15pm – Lunch

1:00pm – 4:30pm Blocks to Flow and Anchoring success

We look at the most effective way to leverage each team member’s profile type to maximise performance, improve communication and consolidate team culture.

Identify any blockages to flow and establish how to clear them.  Question and answer session.

Anchoring Success – What are the rules of our game?

Working together using the principles of Value and Leverage and High Performing Team Culture Measuring Success, How do we Keep Score?, How do we know if we’re winning? Again, embedding the learning through playing games and reflecting on outcomes of the games.

Optional Content

We will advise on the most appropriate roles and functions for each team member and the best method of communication and management.  If required, we will also allocate time for ‘one on ones’ with individual team members to help them leverage their profiles and deal with any challenges.

Additionally, if you have done work with us to identify your purpose, vision and values, and/or an Accountability Infrastructure framework, we can reveal this to your team during the afternoon session.

The Deal

Our fee includes all Contribution Compass Profiles for your entire team.  We are require you to provide the venue for the training (ideally offsite) and cover our travel and accommodation expenses (if any).

Your team will complete their Profiles no later than 5 days prior to the Contribution Compass Team Workshop and their reports will be provided to you 24 hours prior to our arrival.

Once you complete your day with us, you become our VIP clients as we continue to work with you to support you with other Team Fusion services.

Online Contribution Compass Team Workshop:

Phase One

The Online Contribution Compass Team Workshop enables business owners and teams to experience a compressed Team Session delivered live to your office boardroom via a secure Zoom Meeting Room. It saves you valuable “dollar productive time” and minimises disruption to your team’s normal working day. We record the entire session, providing you with a resource to facilitate future training and team development.

The Online Contribution Compass Team Workshop is delivered over a 3-hour period and is broken into two sessions separated by a 15-minute break to enable team members to check messages etc.

In the first session we work with the team providing an overview of Contribution Compass profiling and explain the four frequencies and the eight different profile types. We discuss the strengths and challenges of each of the energies so that the team understand and know how to better communicate and interact with each other.  We utilise graphics to work through each individuals’ results explaining their strengths, challenges and innate traits with input from the rest of the team.

Later in the session we teach the team how to identify the energy types of prospective clients and customers to better communicate, increase opportunities for success, to build trust faster and increase productivity and profits.

Phase Two

Phase Two is a 2-hour Leadership Team Session facilitated in an afternoon.  It provides the Business Owner and Leadership Team with the opportunity to plan and establish a strategy to leverage each team members’ profile type, maximise their performance and increase communication and trust.

Our clients have found this invaluable when incorporating it into their growth strategy, particularly in the area of recruitment and future-role allocation. The content of the afternoon session with the Business Owner and Leadership Team is not restricted to team issues and we can advise and assist with any area of your business. Our wide client base and experience allows us to respond to all aspects of small and medium-sized businesses, especially successful, Award Winning and multi-Award Winning service-based businesses and provide advice on what is working and not working for them.