We’ve built the Team Fusion Thrive Program to enable businesses to Escape the Freedom Trap by moving with ‘purpose’ as well as productivity and profit.


The market landscape has changed forever. As a result of the global pandemic, businesses have been impacted in a number of ways.

Some have had a significant drop in revenue, in many cases, catastrophic. For others, it’s business as usual as they are in longer-term contract cycles and are not feeling the impact as much. These businesses might also be cashed up and looking for opportunities. Some businesses have benefited from the change as they are already online or have a product set that is in demand as a result of the change.

The one thing that all businesses have in common is they realise the landscape has changed and as a result, they need to innovate for the next phase of growth and look at how they capitalise on the shift.

To do this business leaders are seeing that there is a need to do business differently, more openly, more collaboratively, building more trust with others, especially those in their team. The future is open and abundant for those who recognise this opportunity.

As a result of the COVID pandemic, it’s imperative, now more than ever, to look at how to do business differently. We need to rebalance business with the things that are most important to us.

We do this via our Team Fusion Thrive Program to reconnect people to what they love. This fulfils our purpose of rebalancing business so people can live more meaningful lives.

We empower business owners, couples and family businesses to rebalance business so they can have more time together to make memories that matter now, and help them to avoid losing EVERYTHING they’ve created.

Whether planning to scale up or exit their business, those who Escape the Freedom Trap now will be ready for growth over the next 5 years.

  • How to Escape The Freedom Trap

    Let me share one of the key concepts that holds you back in business – The Freedom Trap.

    If this video resonates, book a Discovery Session so that you can escape The Freedom Trap sooner.

Team Fusion's purpose is to Rebalance Business

We take business leaders and the team on a journey of self-discovery, setting a clear vision, values, purpose, strategy and goals. We flow this down to the team level, setting targets and KPI’s. We put the responsibility for achieving the targets into the hands of each team member. Through this process, each person learns to maximise the contribution they are bringing to the team. People are held accountable and we create self-managing teams.

The whole team gets into flow. This frees up the business owner to focus on growing their business. And everyone on the team becomes Inspired, empowered and engaged. The ones who aren’t, realise this and usually move on by themselves creating a space for a new team member who believes in the purpose.

Underlying everything we do is that we create an understanding of the value contribution each team member brings to the business, so that value can be appreciated, utilised and provide a return that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

What Is The Journey?

1. The journey starts with an audit of you, your business and your personality today, using our X-Ray Vision Package.
This gives us the starting point of where you’re up to and what needs to change, and in what order.

2. We then work on designing and implementing an inspiring strategy based on your needs.
We’ll identify what your purpose, vision, values, strategy, business model and mindset needs to be to achieve your goals.

3. We coach and guide you to become a better business leader.
We coach and guide you to become the leader required to lead your team to achieve your purpose and goals.

4. We empower you to embed high performance team culture.
We empower you and your team with high performance team culture principles, processes and tools. 

5. We support you to recruit new team members.
As your business grows, you’ll need new team members. We’ll assist you using our high performance team culture tools to hire the right people, first time.

6. We’ll enable you to implement engaging accountability infrastructure.
We’ll train you and your managers to set KPI’s and hold your team accountable using self-managing team principles and practices.

The Results

1. Embed purpose into your business so you will be living your purpose and creating market attraction for sales and team members.

2. Implement systems and team culture that will enable you to grow your volume of sales, grow your margin and grow the strategic value of your business.

3. Rebalance Business by building the foundations to enable you to more time, money and freedom for the people and things that are most important to you. 

4. Escape the Freedom Trap and to have more time to make memories that matter now.

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