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We help businesses unlock the secrets to more productivity and profitability.

You might have already won awards, but you know that what got you to here is not going to take you to the next level. And, you care enough about your business and your team to aim for more.

Now it’s time to amp up that productivity and profit. It’s time to leverage the people in your business and give them the opportunity to grow and thrive.

You might already have the right people on your team, but you know that embedding high performance and accountability into the very heart and soul of your business is key to creating more productivity and getting even better results.

There’s never been more opportunity to grow your business than right now. For example, we’re helping our clients to DOUBLE THEIR PROFITS by recruiting the right people, first time, who hit the ground running, and by getting the team ‘in flow’ through our High Performance Team solutions.

If you’re not happy with the status quo, that’s where Team Fusion comes in.

Our high performance processes provide you with all the information you need to make smart choices about who to ATTRACT into your business and who to KEEP, which saves you time, money and heartache.

Whether Smart Recruitment, Leadership Coaching, Team Culture Renovation, Performance Profiling or Winning Strategy is your greatest opportunity, our services are designed to INSPIRE, EMPOWER and ENGAGE your team and hold them accountable for achieving your Vision and Goals through increased productivity and profit.

​​​​We’d love to help your team take your business to the next level.

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  • Team Fusion

    “Gaelene was able to personalise her approach to our team, pitching the tone perfectly to engage even the most stoic of disbelievers. She delivered considerable value and made everyone understand the power of knowing where their personal power lay.

    As a partner to the business, Gaelene is organised, hard working and not afraid to talk about the hard stuff. She is straight up, savvy about the pressures business stakeholders face and knows exactly where she can add value.

    A refreshing approach from someone in the training and dev space.”

    Neil Sparksman
    Managing Director
  • 0

    “I personally am a big fan of this profiling tool and have used it with my clients and colleagues over the years. It’s got depth and insight that I haven’t seen in many of the other tools used. I haven’t met a person who didn’t benefit from it.”

    Declan Scott
    The Spirited Business Network
  • Team Fusion

    “Knowing my Wealth/Talent Dynamics profile has helped me see that I am in exactly the right role in my company.”

    Trinette Giborees-Smith
    Senior Registered Valuer Property
    In-Depth Auckland
  • “Team Fusion screened and matched candidates to roles and profiled to ensure a natural fit with the role and the overall team.They put forward the finalists who were people I would not likely have hired on my judgment on the basis of a standard hiring process. However, with Team Fusion’s expertise, my team came together perfectly. Each of them are doing amazingly well as individuals in their new roles, and as a team.”

    Shane Mishra
    Client Services Team Leader
    Squirrel Mortgages
  • linsay_hill

    “We talk about having everyone in the boat rowing in the same direction, but when you have someone who is doing divebombs off the side of the boat it is a massive disruption to the flow of the whole team. I had no idea how much impact this was having on me personally and my team until it was no longer present.
    My team are now all in flow and achieving targets we all thought were impossible.”

    Lindsay Hill
    Squirrel Mortgages
  • john-bolton-squirrel-mortgages_1_orig

    “The Team Fusion High Performing Team programme works, and was a great investment in our teams. Through a focus on Squirrel culture, high performance behaviour and leverage principles, we have had a 30% lift in performance over the last 6 months from the new team, and overall the happiness of both teams has materially improved. Our “I’m happy at work” is scoring 8.3 out of 10 and “Understanding the value I add to the business” is scoring at a 9.”

    John Bolton
    Squirrel Mortgages
  • Kat Soper-17-07-31-7969 transparent crop

    “Team Fusion was one of my Business WOF clients, and the more I learned about what they do the more I realised that Gaelene would be the right Strategy Coach for me to guide me and hold me accountable. In just 3 months we co-created a detailed business strategy and I launched my new online business, Motivated Mum’s Club. I am delighted that I am already exceeding my initial targets and I am on track to achieving my financial goals.”

    Kat Soper
    Managing Director
  • Karen gibson

    “Gaelene’s business and coaching experience have been invaluable. Many times she has provided clarity and insight which has enabled me to choose which path to proceed down and how to go about it. She has a way of reflectively listening that has helped me to identify which areas to focus on. Gaelene has assisted me with developing goals and action plans, and has been excellent with following up on these.”

    Karen Gibson
    General Manager
    MenuMania (Purchased by Zomato)

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