Our UK partner, Business of Brand Group (BoB) has built a program to help business take advantage of the situation and move with ‘Purpose’.


The market landscape has changed forever. As a result of the global pandemic, businesses have been impacted in a number of ways.

Some have had a significant drop in revenue, in many cases, catastrophic. For others, it’s business as usual as they are in longer-term contract cycles and are not feeling the impact as much. These businesses might also be cashed up and looking for opportunities. Some businesses have benefited from the change as they are already online or have a product set that is in demand as a result of the change.

The one thing that all businesses have in common is they realise the landscape has changed and as a result, they need to innovate for the next phase of growth and look at how they capitalise on the shift.

To do this business leaders are seeing that there is a need to do business differently, more openly, more collaboratively, building more trust with others, especially those in their team. The future is open and abundant for those who recognise this opportunity.

Team Fusion has a program to help business take advantage of the situation to redefine meaning in business, relationships and life, and to move with ‘Purpose’ by reconnecting to what they love.

Those ready at the start of the next growth period will experience all ten years of the next growth curve

  • At the bottom of a recession, more market share changes hands than in any other cycle.

    Add a global pandemic, with governments shifting to wartime economies, we see unprecedented change leading to unprecedented opportunities for business.

BoB’s purpose is to help industries shift into the new era.

To do this, we’ve combined two sets of IP to create a 21st Century business model that looks at both sides of the coin when it comes to growth. One side is the Brand-led Revenue System that drives market share and growth. The second side is the Infrastructure, Business Model and Numbers that will create sustained growth.

BoB’s expertise is our ability to recognise trends, be it social, consumer or supply chain, as well as manage through economic cycles due to our macroeconomics knowledge. The BoB team have the right combination of experience and capability to support businesses through this period.

What Is The Journey?

1. The journey starts with an Audit of your business and its Numbers today.
This gives us the starting point of where you’re up to and what needs to change, and in what order.

2. We then work on designing and implementing a strategy based on your needs.
This is a process of unlearning the old 20th Century business model and mindset, to relearn the new 21st Century business model and mindset.

3. You will then ‘learn by doing’ in collaboration with your peer group through the 18-month program.

4. You will learn and campaign together on Purpose.

The Results

1. Energy through living your purpose and your business creating positive energy and attraction.

2. Build market share and build through the recession.

3. Grow your volume of sales, grow your margin and growth the strategic value of your business.

4. Build foundations to get ready for the next phase of growth 2021 – 2031 and get ready to shift and lead your industry with a 21st Century business model and mindset.

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