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Coaches Gaelene Adams Wood and Douwe Hoogstra have teamed up for the Couples in Business Accelerator Challenge. By “couples” we mean if you’re married or in a long term relationship, where one or both of you are working in your business.


Book and attend a free Discovery Session to find out if the Couples in Business Accelerator Challenge is right for you.

Every confirmed registration for the Couples in Business Accelerator Challenge will receive a free holiday accommodation voucher for any one of a number of idyllic destinations globally.

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We have space for

10 couples

who want to make

2023 their BEST YEAR yet!

Fall back in love with your business!

Our Promise:  Guaranteed Results and a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

What We Need: Your Genuine Motivation for just 3 months to shift the needle of your business



  • Is business stress is affecting your physical health and mental wellbeing?
  • Are you both working harder than ever, but are experiencing decline in your business in the last 12 months?
  • Are ongoing staff shortages are putting pressure on you and your team?
  • Is high inflation and talk of a recession is causing you concern?
  • Is stress, exhaustion, worry and concerns caused by your business are affecting your relationship?
  • Are you concerned don’t have enough time for the people you want to make memories with?
  • If you are honest with yourself, you’re not loving your business as much as you used to, are you?

If you answer yes to some or all of these questions,
hen book a free discovery session and start the ball rolling.

The Couples in Business Accelerator

is right for you if…

  • You are genuinely motivated to change the status quo and improve your business
  • You want to feel more empowered in all aspects of your life and business
  • You are looking for that new angle, a dose of energy and focus, be held accountable and get results
  • You genuinely want your business to flourish, your relationship to thrive, to have more time and fun, while also increasing your profits


  • Gain clarity and insight into what is important to you, your relationship and your business
  • Increase motivation and energy levels
  • Develop an empowered growth mindset and be the best version of you
  • Understand the key drivers of business growth and how to leverage these for more time, money and freedom
  • Improve your communication skills with your colleagues, staff and business partner/spouse to empower change
  • Work constructively and cohesively with your business partner/spouse and other motivated business owners to improve your business
  • Have a real, focused and practical action plan for the next 2-3 months that will shift the needle on your life and business
  • Be supported with accountability for implementation
  • Feel more inspired, empowered and engaged in all aspects of your life and business.

Business is hands on, and we believe we SHOULD be too!

This is a powerful hybrid (in-person and online) programme brought to you by Team Fusion and Love Your Business – Gaelene and Douwe.

We are a proven coaching combination in delivering successful Momentum4FreedomTM Business Leadership Coaching programmes. We blend business strategy and planning with leadership coaching, couples in business relationship coaching and mindset training

The Couples in Business Accelerator Challenge is specifically for couples in business.

By “couples” we mean if you’re married or in a long term relationship, where one or both of you are working in your business.




The Couples in Business Accelerator Challenge isn’t for everyone. The X-Ray Vision package is our way of showing if it is right for you.

As we are considering together whether the Couples in Business Accelerator Challenge is a good fit for you, you’ll complete some assessments. These assessments are a short journey of discovery, looking at how your personality impacts your business and how your business impacts your personal life and your relationship.

These online assessments, followed by a personalised review session with you, will provide you with valuable information about you, your relationship and your business and will enable you to see whether working together with us will get different results.

X-Ray Vision

  • A view of yourself, your relationships and your business with the X-Ray Vision PackageTM, facilitated by Gaelene

  • Identify your personality profile and understand how this positively and negatively impacts your business and your personal life

  • Discover where you can make a bigger difference and how to transition further into your business leadership role

  • Obtain the understanding and skills to work better together as a couple

  • Understand why your business is impacting your relationship and why your relationship is impacting your business

  • Analyse your business systems and processes – where the gaps are and how they are affecting your business

  • Identify areas for focus in your business and prioritise these to close these gaps

  • Learn what to include in your Strategy & Action Plan

Book your X-Ray Vision- Call 0800 2 TEAM FUSION, +64 21 453 886 or email or click the button below.





In-person luxury retreat based in beautiful Taupo, New Zealand. This is a fully catered weekend from Friday / Saturday / Sunday co-facilitated by Douwe and Gaelene.

You will meet in person with the rest of the group on this journey and share your successes and insights while you complete workshops and enjoy some downtime.

YOU: Be Bold in BusinessTM Workshop on Friday
Gain a real and relevant insight into your mindset and how to control your mental operating state to achieve and stay in flow.

  • About Be Bold. Your objectives
  • Dream Big Workshop
  • Learn about Red and Green Zone drivers. Shift to the Green Zone on-purpose whenever you go into the Red Zone

YOUR RELATIONSHIP: BETTER TOGETHERTM Relationship Workshop on Saturday
Recognise that there are 3 of you in your relationship – you, them and the relationship itself. Get onto the same page with your partner by applying tried and true business principles to your relationship.

  • Create a powerful shared vision for your relationship
  • Understand your key drivers in your relationship
  • Get clear on your relationship values
  • Identify your top 3 individual and relationship goals
  • Create a Better Together life plan
  • Establish better communication

YOUR BUSINESS: 3×3TM – Business Strategy & Action Workshop on Sunday
Clarity on your most important actions, facilitated by Douwe and Gaelene.

  • Identify where you are in The Freedom TrapTM
  • Identify the 3 key business strategies/projects that will shift the needle on your business and move you closer to escaping The Freedom TrapTM
  • Identify 3 key tasks involved with each business strategy/project to action this shift
  • Planning and scheduling for each key task

If you are motivated
to shift your business
into its best year yet
then book a free discovery session

to see if the

Couples in Business
Accelerator Challenge

is right for you


Love your Business Accelerator 

Online weekly group coaching sessions on Wednesdays from 11.30 am – 13.00 pm for 12 weeks.

Our weekly online group coaching sessions include acknowledging your weekly wins, progress updates/accountability, insights and breakthroughs, programme focus topics/training, take-outs and actions to implement and the support and accountability to keep you on track for the programme.

While regularly reflecting on your mindset skills and progress, we will start to look at how you are applying these tools and how we can support you in implementing these through your team in your day to day operations.

During the Love Your Business Accelerator Implementing phase, you’ll be working with your business / relationship partner / spouse on implementing your 3 key strategies/projects and the 3 key tasks to action for strategy / project to shift the needle on your business which were identified at the BETTER TOGETHER Luxury Weekend Retreat or during one of your 1:1 Power Consults.

Each week you’ll make progress. You’ll also be introduced to topics such as time management, recruitment strategies, team culture, sales and marketing and other focus areas tailored to your group requirements.


3 x 1:1 Focus on You and Your Business

Over the course of the programme, you and your business partner/spouse have will have access to 3 individualised sessions working directly with either Gaelene or Douwe. These have total focus on your relationship and any aspect of your business from products, target market, finance, sales, marketing, recruitment or team issues.

  • 1 x Strategy session with Douwe or Gaelene identifying 3 strategies to significantly shift the needle in your business.
  • 1 x Be Bold in Business 1:1 session to understand your personal Be Bold model and identifying your personal Red Zone and Green Zone drivers.
  • 1 x Additional session as/when required.


An Evening of Celebration

Suit up or put on your best dress for this gala event.

At this in-person group event we will be celebrating your successes over the past 3 months!

Over a delicious meal, during a wonderful evening, you’ll be presenting your achievements during the programme to the group, and participating in our awards ceremony which will honour your individual progress during the programme.


Invest in Yourself, Your Relationship and Your Business

12 weekly 1.5 hour online training and coaching sessions and all course materials
3 x 1:1 1.5 hour Power Consults 

2 nights accommodation, catering and workshops at the Luxury Weekend Retreat in Taupo, New Zealand.

An Evening of Celebration event including 1 night accommodation, dinner and breakfast in Taupo at the end of the 3 month Couples in Business Accelerator Challenge.

Every confirmed registration receives
a free holiday on us
for you and your family*

Pricing is per couple/business (2 people) for this value-packed 3 month programme. 

Pricing on request once we have ascertained if you meet our eligibility criteria.

Registrations close on 24 March 2023

To start the ball rolling

book a free discovery call



Friday 28 April 2023 – Saturday 29 July 2023

Friday 28 July 2023 – Saturday 27 October 2023

Friday 27 October 2023 – Saturday 16 February 2024

*Special conditions apply

Our Money Back Promise


We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on the full 3 month programme.


If you’re not convinced the programme will help your business move forward, or find you’re not up for the challenge in the first 14 days, we will give you 100% of your money back*. 
No questions asked.

*Excludes third party costs eg food and accommodation at the BETTER TOGETHER Luxury Weekend Retreat


Gaelene and Douwe have successfully worked together in the Team Fusion Momentum4FreedomTM Leadership Coaching programme and individually coached hundreds of business owners to escape The Freedom TrapTM with tailored solutions for success.

They are both practical, positive, supportive and have high expectations of clients stepping up in every aspect of life and business. They both speak and apply Be Bold. Both are action and results oriented.



+64 21 453 886

With more than 25 years’ experience working with SME’s, corporates and government agencies, Gaelene is a leading expert on growing trust in teams to create extraordinary results in productivity and profitability.

Trained in several coaching modalities, Gaelene is also a personality profiling expert with more than 15 years’ experience. She uses the Contribution Compass personality profiling suite within the Team Fusion Thrive Program.

Through Momentum4Freedom Business Leadership Coaching she empowers business leaders to escape The Freedom Trap.

Gaelene interweaves traditional business practices and sustainable transformation.

Her ebooks; 21 Ways to Renovate Your Recruitment Results, 7 Secrets of Highly Successful Businesses, 30 Ways to Renovate Your Team Culture and Better Together: in Love and in Business are insight into her processes.

Gaelene is a mentor in the Business North Harbour Mentoring Programme, and a past-Mentor with the University of Auckland School of Business Women’s Mentoring Programme.

Gaelene was also the Team Performance Coach to Squirrel Mortgages in 2016/ 2017, when they were awarded No.1 Mortgage Broker Branch and No.1 Mortgage Broker of the year in New Zealand.


Winner of Thexton Armstrong Top5 Consultant 2015 Award; and 2014 Inspiration Award.

Mindset is Everything!

Be Bold is a breakthrough mindset philosophy and method developed by Love Your Business. It is the foundation of all the coaching work they do with business owners and their teams.

When applied consistently, it is GUARANTEED to create sustainable results in business and in life.

Keep applying the Be Bold principles and tools alongside your 3×3 strategies/projects in the Couples in Business Accelerator Challenge and you will see MASSIVE RESULTS in your relationship and life, and shift the needle in your business as you move closer to escaping The Freedom TrapTM.

+27 508 8335



On Team Fusion Momentum4FreedomLeadership Coaching
“Before I started coaching, I didn’t understand the principles of ‘quick wins’, ‘low hanging fruit’ and the 80/20 rule and how to utilise these to make more profit.

In our business one of the ways these translate is to leverage off our existing range of products to extend our product range. This has changed the way I make business decisions as I now always look for ways in which our business can grow, in the quickest time with the least effort.”
– Shyam Mistry, General Manager, Surti Indian Samosa Ltd

About the Team Fusion Business Leadership Coaching programme
“If you’d told me 6 months ago that I would be this passionate about my work, getting these kinds of results, and having this much fun I would have laughed at you. 

Gaelene, I earn 3 times more than when I first met you.

Less than 2 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined that life would be this good for me. I am forever grateful. You have changed my life.”
– Shona Mookerjee, KiwiSaver & Insurance Specialist, Mooks Services Ltd

On Team Fusion Momentum4Freedom Business Leadership Coaching
“In just over 7 months, I have achieved my 5 year growth goal by getting clear on my Business Strategy!”
– Jarrod Saunders, Chemwash Operator, SWARK Ltd

On Momentum4Freedom Business Leadership Coaching
“The best thing is the team management support and managing people’s personalities. It gave me the opportunity to talk things through which otherwise I’d be flying blind on. I had a difficult situation with a disruptive team member, and the support made a massive difference.”
– Lindsay Hill, Award Winning Team Leader, Squirrel Mortgages

About Love Your Business and the Be Bold Business Leadership Programme
“I have found Douwe to be like a persistent friend, simultaneously holding me accountable for my shit but also lending his unending support and checking in to ensure my progress wasn’t stifled by self-doubt and other intrusions.”
– Sam Hawili – Cambridge Homes South Waikato Ltd

Business coaching and advisory. Preparing a business for sale, and facilitating the sale process, including the Be Bold Kickstarter
“We were taken through a series of steps to examine ourselves as people. This process is known as Be Bold. To be bold, when I think of it now that we are further down our business journey, is to have the courage to be real with ourselves about who and where we are and where we feel we could be.

No one else tells us what we ought to be. It’s built in, but it’s not until we have a special person walking with us that we are inclined to be brave and look at ourselves. Douwe did this for us. Unrelentingly. Patiently. Professionally.If you know you need a push to get the tough going then Douwe is the tough who will get you going. You’ll know where you stand and there won’t be mystery about what needs to happen if you have Douwe on your team.”
– Jade Meiklejohn, Power Tools and Servicing, Tauranga

About the Be Bold in Business Kickstarter and Accelerator Programme
“During my time with Douwe, I was able to shift my perspective on a lot of the trickier aspects of business start-ups, embracing these challenges and using the group as a support network, and somewhere I could share ideas or hear about similar experiences.

I would highly recommend Douwe to anyone who is looking to step outside of their comfort zone, and pursue a new challenge in their lives.”
– Jake Riggir, Podium Recruitment, Athlete Recruitment Start-up

About the Be Bold in Business Kickstarter programme
“This is an awesome program that is really insightful into how you as an individual tick, the sorts of things that trigger you, and how you can best manage to keep yourself on the positive side, so that you can achieve more.

I came out of it with a better understanding of what I was doing to derail myself and how to reset myself back into a better balance so that I could focus on building my business and be passionate about it.”
– Braden Noel, Event Squared, Event Management Company

Get your copy of the BETTER TOGETHER eBook. In this eBook we will cover:

✔︎  Why many small and medium business owners are trapped

✔︎  SPECIFICALLY what to do to reduce your working hours by half

✔︎  The critical formula to unlocking massive growth to double and even triple your income each year

✔︎  The huge mistake nearly every couple in business makes and what to do differently

If you’re ready to stop settling for the status quo, and want an expert to guide you and coach you how to be a better business leader and spouse, to hold you accountable to have the truly successful business and relationship you deserve, then this free ebook is for you.

Packed with insights, ideas and good common sense on how to successfully grow your business without it competing with your relationship, BETTER TOGETHER: in Love and in Business is a vital resource and an essential read for any couple with a business, whether you both work in the business together or not.

This philosophy enables you to rebalance business and reconnect to what you love, so you can live a more meaningful life.

The results are more time, more money and more freedom for you and everyone on your team.