In BETTER TOGETHER, you’ll learn new ways to successfully grow your business without it competing with your relationship!  

In this book, I blend business, love and mindset to empower individual business owners, couples in businesses and family businesses and their teams to reconnect to what they love so they can be better together and experience more purpose, productivity and profit.

It’s time to break free from The Freedom TrapTM, where business owners find themselves working excessively long hours at the expense of their personal lives.

Let’s embark on this journey together, where I’ll guide you towards clarity, purpose and the tools to lead your business with passion and success. Fall in love with your business and your partner all over again.

You are ready to be better together in love and in business.

Let’s get started. Download your free resources.

Being better together…



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Come Join Us in Couples in Business Weekend Retreat

More Freedom – More Profit – Improved Relationships


The Couples in Business Weekend Retreat is a game-changing business and relationship course and community that anyone in a relationship who also has a business can benefit from.

It is a blend of business strategy and planning, leadership coaching, couples in business relationship coaching and mindset training, specifically designed for couples in business together and couples with a business.

By “couples” we mean if you are married or in a long term relationship, where one or both of you are working in your business.

YOU have a goal to grow your business, have more time, more money and more freedom for the people and the things that are most important to you. YOU also have a relationship and want a life that you will love by living your life on purpose. In short, you want to be better together both in business with your team and in your relationship for your family.

WE have the support, guidance, tools, resources and community to make it all possible, more quickly and with more ease than you may have thought possible.

Learn how to manage your mindset, strengthen your relationship and grow you business so you can be better together, in love and in business. 

Join us for your next step in business and relationship mastery in our in person, luxury weekend retreat with a supportive community of peers, and live coaching with 2 highly experienced coaches in a private group workshop environment.

This is a powerful weekend retreat brought to you by Gaelene Adams Love from Team Fusion and Douwe Hoogstra from Love Your Business.

We are a proven coaching combination in delivering successful Momentum4FreedomTM Business Leadership Coaching programmes. 

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Being better together…