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Getting the right person on your team can significantly improve overall team performance. 

If you’re DIY recruiting, it’s often because you’re looking to be more in control of the process, or save money because you don’t have the ability to pay an external recruiter to do it for you.

We get that, which is why we’re providing a free checklist – 7 Top Tips for DIY Recruitment. 

We’re here to help you to DIY recruit the right person, which enhances your existing process in a low cost way and maximises the performance of your team.

About Gaelene Adams Wood - Business Leadership Coach Founder of Team Fusion

Gaelene works with business owners and couples in service-based businesses to grow their businesses and their relationships, simultaneously. Since 2013, she’s helped many business owners grow their businesses, and their incomes, reach their goals much faster, and she’s even helped several of them fall back in love again.

Whether you are looking to master the art of successfully working with your spouse, or better ways to recruit and onboard new team members, or you’re looking for business and leadership growth or an exit strategy, you’ll find great ideas in this ebook.

Gaelene is a Double World Record Firewalker, Business Leadership Coach, Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Personality Profiling Expert, Author and Team Performance Coach to Award Winning and multi-Award Winning businesses.

Gaelene is a leading expert on growing trust in teams to create extraordinary results in productivity and profitability with more than 25 years’ experience working with SME’s, corporates and government agencies.


  • Averil Orsbourn

    “When looking for my current job, the recruitment experience with Team Fusion was vastly different from the other recruitment companies that I was working with at the time. Whilst seemingly more involved, it soon became clear that the process was really valuable to ensure the right ‘fit’ for both myself and for the company.  This has since been proven to be worthwhile as my new role feels more in keeping with my working style, along with complementing other team members within the organisation. 

    Team Fusion understood my drive for finding a new role that would expand my career and gain some training in new areas. They worked with me to ensure I was able to negotiate even better terms and conditions that got me to say yes to the role. The entire experience was awesome and not only am I enjoying my new role, I was also promoted within a very short space of time.”

    Averil Orsbourn Head of Business Operations Cyma Ltd