Are you a busy business leader who knows you could have a better business if you just had more time, more money and more freedom to focus ON your business instead of working IN it?

Did you get into business for more freedom, but the reality is you’re working 50, 60, 70 or 80 hours a week?

Does your wife complain that you haven’t had a family holiday in ages? Do your wife and children complain that you are you’re never there, you’re always working? Do you spend evenings and weekends working? Go on, be honest. And if you’re not actually working is your business constantly on your mind? You’re secretly thinking about your business, aren’t you?

Do you sometimes feel conflicted, having to make sacrifices in your personal life for your business? Or sacrifices in your business for your personal life? Do you wish your team would take on more responsibility, be more accountable, have more respect for you? Do you wish you could trust your team so you could get away sometimes?

Are you too busy running your business, and not spending time planning for your success when you know you really need to?

Are you not putting enough focus on the financials of your business – getting your invoicing done, chasing up debtors, reviewing your margins and monitoring your profitability?

Is your kind of budgeting and cash-flow forecasting looking in the bank and seeing if there’s any money there?

Does your wife complain that “for all the hours you’ve been working, you must be a millionaire by now”. Even your accountant says you’re making a profit, but there’s no money to show for it.

Consequently, do you lie awake at night doing the money juggle in your head, worrying how you’re going to pay the GST, or provisional tax or payroll this month (or worse, this week) and hoping that somehow, miraculously there’ll be enough money?

Do you feel like no one understands what you are dealing with, and you just wish it would change?

Yet, despite all this, is your business outwardly successful? Maybe even Award Winning? But you don’t feel that you are really in control, do you? In fact most days it feels like it’s controlling you!

Do you sometimes get frustrated that you can’t get to the important stuff, because you’re too busy fighting fires? There are so many moving parts in business – staffing, cashflow, marketing, sales, customers, suppliers, and don’t get me started on compliance and legislation!

There are soooo many things that suck your time, your money and your freedom and you think “perhaps I’ll have more time or money or freedom tomorrow, or next week or next month or next year.”

I’ve met many successful, even award winning business owners who feel trapped, hamstrung and frustrated because they just don’t have enough time, money or freedom to get to the IMPORTANT work, because there’s always something more URGENT. Does this sound like you?

Do you resonate with any of those things? Things like feeling frustrated? Overwhelmed? A lack of clarity? Not trusting your team? Not getting the results or making the impact you want?

And the real killer is, you’re secretly not planning to change this, because you know that when it’s written down you’re going to realise how much you’ve actually been missing out on.

If you’re tired of the excuses for why you don’t have the Time, Money and  Freedom you deserve and want to rectify this once and for all – to take back control of your business, to become the hero in your wife’s eyes again, to bring home the bacon, to book that holiday and have the lifestyle, the freedom that you once dreamed of, and obliterate the excuses “I don’t have time!!!”, I don’t have enough money!!!”, and “I can’t I have to work!!!” – then I’ve got something really exciting that I’d like to share with you. I know it’s going to transform you, your life and your business, forever.

In this ebook we will cover:

✔︎  The little known secret that is number 1 thing that is holding your business and team back from success

✔︎  The SME Business Freedom Crisis in NZ and how to get out of the Freedom Trap

✔︎  The 3 core components to getting your team in flow that frees up your time, earns you more respect and gives you more freedom

This synergy creates an inspiring, empowering and engaging workplace for you and your team, and the level of high performance, self-managing team culture required to ensure you achieve your vision and goals. The results are more time, more money and more freedom for you and everyone on your team.

If you’re ready to stop settling for the status quo, and want an expert to guide you and coach you how to be a better business leader and husband, to hold you accountable to have the truly successful business you deserve, then this free ebook is packed with 7 secrets that you too can apply to your business so that you can have more time, more money and more freedom for the most important things in life and business. Let’s start creating momentum for freedom in your life!