21 Ways To Renovate Your Recruitment Results - By Gaelene Adams Wood

Improve Induction Process

21 Ways to Renovate Your Recruitment Results For Business Owners who want to grow your business efficiently by improving the Induction Process in order to set new employees up for the best start possible.

Improve the Induction Process by taking the actions described in this book, so that you have greater chances of keeping the best personnel for longer.

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“Team Fusion recruited the right people, first time, with the right attitude and skills into our team who were able to hit the ground running.

The robustness of the Pre-Recruitment and Recruitment processes as well as the After-Placement Support has created a strong, highly productive team in a short space of time, which is adding considerable value to the business.

After placement, any issues that could have caused a problem were identified and resolved quickly, so that everyone was on the same page.”

John Bolton
CEO, Squirrel Mortgages


IN THIS FREE EBOOK GAELENE ADAMS WOOD SHOWS YOU HOW You may handle your recruitment in-house, or work with an external recruitment company.

While Team Fusion is not a recruitment agency, we are here to bring focus back to what truly matters:
Empowering Business Leaders and their Teams to Succeed.

When you are preparing for recruitment and induction, you will find this ebook to be invaluable in order to attract better candidates.

You will also find more information to ensure you can choose the best and keep them for longer.

Preparing for Recruitment

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Team Fusion believes that positive team culture is at the heart of everything we do and that’s why we have our unique approach as the secret to success.

That shines through in all our work!


Recruitment Results

It all begins with your team! We help business founders, entrepreneurs, hiring executives, HR specialists, and third-party recruiters to cultivate the foundation of a well-rounded and capable staff so that you can hit the ground running.


Improve Induction Process

No matter which stage of recruitment you’re at, this eBook outlines the most important information every employer needs to succeed!
It is beneficial even if you have already hired someone.

21 Ways to Renovate Your Recruitment Results is only a click away

About Gaelene Adams Wood - Business Leadership Coach Founder of Team Fusion

Gaelene works with business owners and couples in service-based businesses to grow their businesses and their relationships, simultaneously. Since 2013, she’s helped many business owners grow their businesses, and their incomes, reach their goals much faster, and she’s even helped several of them fall back in love again.

Whether you are looking to master the art of successfully working with your spouse, or better ways to recruit and onboard new team members, or you’re looking for business and leadership growth or an exit strategy, you’ll find great ideas in this ebook.

Gaelene is a Double World Record Firewalker, Business Leadership Coach, Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Personality Profiling Expert, Author and Team Performance Coach to Award Winning and multi-Award Winning businesses.

Gaelene is a leading expert on growing trust in teams to create extraordinary results in productivity and profitability with more than 25 years’ experience working with SME’s, corporates and government agencies.


  • linsay_hill

    “We talk about having everyone in the boat rowing in the same direction. But when you have someone who is doing divebombs off the side of the boat; it is a massive disruption to the flow of the whole team. I had no idea how much impact this was having on me personally and my team until it was no longer present.

    My team are now all in the flow and achieving targets we all thought were impossible.”

    Lindsay Hill
    Team Leader
21 Ways to Renovate Your Recruitment Results is only a click away