21 Ways To Renovate Your Recruitment Results - By Gaelene Adams Wood

Recruitment Results

21 Ways to Renovate Your Recruitment Results For business owners who want to grow their business by attracting and keeping people who are aligned with your company values and culture.

Apply learnings from this book for successful recruitment so that you can consistently attract and hire the right person, first time, and keep them.

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“I have struggled with the interview process in the past, but Team Fusion made me feel more than comfortable and they were more than approachable to a point where I felt like I also knew them as much as they knew me.”


Courtney Hardy

Recruitment Results

IN THIS FREE EBOOK GAELENE ADAMS WOOD SHOWS YOU HOW You may handle your recruitment in-house, or work with an external recruitment company.

While Team Fusion is not a recruitment agency, we are here to bring the focus back to what truly matters:
Empowering Business Leaders and their Teams to Succeed.

While it feels that Improving Recruitment Results is a never-ending job you will find this ebook helps to establish a robust process to attract and keep better people.

You will also find more information to ensure you can prepare to choose the best and keep them for longer.

Preparing for Recruitment

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Team Fusion believes that positive team culture is at the heart of everything we do and that’s why we have our unique approach to the secret to success.

That does shine through in all our work!


Recruitment Results

It all begins with your team! We help business founders, entrepreneurs, hiring executives, HR specialists, and third-party recruiters to cultivate the foundation of a well-rounded and capable staff so that you can hit the ground running.


Improve Induction Process

No matter which stage of recruitment you’re at, this eBook outlines the most important information every employer needs to succeed!
It is beneficial even if you already hired someone.

21 Ways to Renovate Your Recruitment Results is only a click away
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About Gaelene Adams Wood - Business Leadership Coach Founder of Team Fusion

Gaelene is a Business Leadership Coach, Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Personality Profiling Expert, Author, Double World Record Firewalker and Team Performance Coach to Award Winning and multi-Award Winning businesses.

With more than 25 years’ experience working with SME’s, corporates and government agencies, Gaelene is a leading expert on growing trust in teams to create extraordinary results in productivity and profitability.

Gaelene’s experience is gained through industries as wide and varied as financial services, accounting, banking, engineering, manufacturing, forestry, hospitality, event management beauty, training, coaching, education, property, retail, not-for-profits, telecommunications, and many more.

Gaelene is a personality profiling expert with more than 15 years’ experience. In Team Fusion, the personality profiling platform we use is Contribution Compass.

In this ebook 21 Ways to Renovate Your Recruitment Results she’s going to cover to how to approach Pre-Recruitment,Recruitment and Post-Recruitment so that you hire the right person first time, so they hit the ground running.

She knows what it takes to be extraordinary.


  • I was referred to a job opportunity with Squirrel by a friend, where a position seemed to suit me perfectly. Although I was told the company was awesome to work for, I was still unsure about this being the right move for me.

    It wasn’t until I was approached by Team Fusion during the recruitment process that I felt reassured and certain that this was the right move for me. The communication was genuine and I felt like they really wanted to know about me and where I stood.

    I‘ve been with Squirrel for about 6 months now and love my role and reflect on how I got here quite often! The experience was awesome!”

    Courtney Hardy
    New Team Member
21 Ways to Renovate Your Recruitment Results is only a click away